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Νίκος Γάσπαρης | Γυναικεία και ανδρικά δερμάτινα ενδύματα

Τέσσερις γενιές τεχνογνωσίας στο δέρμα και τη γούνα
Τέσσερις γενιές τεχνογνωσίας στο δέρμα και τη γούνα
Four generations of leather and fur expertise


The history of the company begins in 1928, when Nikolaos Gasparis immigrated from Chios to Paris, the capital of fashion. There, he learns the art of fur and establishes his atelier, while at the same time dealing with the wholesale sale of furs.


Panagiotis Gasparis, following in his father's footsteps, continues to practice fur art in Paris. Returning to Athens in 1958, Panagiotis is active in the wholesale sale of furs and then opens a workshop in Nea Smyrni, where he manufactures high quality surmeasure fur coats.


The family business is expanding. Driven by excellent quality and tailoring, Nikos is a pioneer in the manufacture of fur clothing, but also in the import of leather clothing of high aesthetics, establishing the company as a station for the purchase of quality clothing that withstands time.


Continuing the family tradition, Panagiota Gaspari is now at the helm of the business. The goal of our business today remains the provision of high quality ready-to-wear as well as tailor-made clothing, from natural and sustainable materials, as dictated by our values and the times.

Νίκος Γάσπαρης | Γυναικεία και ανδρικά δερμάτινα ενδύματα, εμπορία, επιδιόρθωση, και μεταποίηση δερμάτινων και γουναρικών